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The 6 Best False Eyelashes of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

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False eyelashes can look gorgeous and natural, trust us. It all depends on the type of lash you choose, as these days there’s a set for every kind of look you could dream of. “The first thing to pay attention to while buying fake eyelashes is the look you are trying to achieve,” says Katya Bychkova, beauty expert and founder of the Style Sprinter blog. “Are you all about natural-looking falsies, or are you going for a dramatic look? Or somewhere in the middle?”

When a set of falsies goes wrong, they go really wrong, so we set out to find only the best options. We tested the 19 most popular falsies on the market, analyzing each one for ease of application, level of comfort and wearability, as well as longevity and overall look. We also noted f they ever started to peel or itch. After tallying scores and ranking each set, we landed on these six best false eyelashes for a dramatic look.

Colourpop Falsies Faux Mink Lashes
PHOTO: Ulta Beauty

If there’s one brand that just gets it when it comes to false lashes, it’s Colourpop. These faux mink lashes are the crème de la crème for more than one reason. They’re made with soft, 100 percent synthetic fibers that look just like real lashes. On top of that, they add gorgeous wispy length and definition without being too dramatic. Lightweight with plenty of bend, these falsies are very wearable, and at times, we couldn’t even feel them on our lids. Plus, these lashes were designed to fit all lash lines, which means you don’t have to measure or trim them.

If we needed another reason to love them, they held up over multiple all-day wears, and the thin black base that rests snuggly on the eyelids to keep the set in place looks like jet-black eyeliner both in person and in photos. A total win-win in our book for a fun night out with lots of selfies.

Material: Faux mink | Amount Per Pack: 1 set | Glue Included: No

KISS MLBB My Lash But Better Everyday Wearable Volume False Eyelashes
PHOTO: Ulta Beauty

If you want to step up your makeup game, these Kiss lashes are sure to do the trick. They’re made with 100 percent synthetic faux mink hair and offer bold volume just like a great mascara, along with extra-long length. The super-fine hairs are long and light, allowing them to bounce and move freely. Due to their extra-long length (we’ll keep applying our lash growth serum with high hopes though), these falsies work best for a cat-eye look full of drama and fun.

In terms of the application process, it was one of the easiest on our list. One crucial note, however, is that the lash band itself isn’t curved, so unless your lash line is pretty straight, it may be a little tricky to get a truly natural looking bend. (If you have a more curved lash line, we suggest using half lashes as they tend to be easier to place.)

Material: Faux mink | Amount Per Pack: 1 set | Glue Included: No

Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes
PHOTO: Ulta Beauty

Lilly Lashes is a fan-favorite brand for a reason. For starters, they make incredible magnetic lashes as well as traditional options that are suited for all eye shapes. A major selling point is their flexibility — they can be altered to fit different lash lines and eye shapes, including almond, hooded, downturned, upturned, and more. On top of that, the application process is straightforward and easy, especially given that these lashes are so voluminous. We were expecting the lashes to feel a bit heavy, given the number of fibers on each strip and the fact that they’re long enough to hit our brows, but they were surprisingly quite lightweight.

Overall, these falsies are a dream come true for anyone wanting a fluttery, flirty bit of flair. We should note once again how very long the lashes are, so you’ll either need to go all-in on the glamour, or do a little snipping before applying. 

Material: Faux mink | Amount Per Pack: 1 set | Glue Included: No

Sephora Collection Vegan False Eyelashes
PHOTO: Sephora

Want to try fake lashes for the first time but don’t know where to start? These Sephora lashes are just the thing you need. They’re versatile, pliable, and can be adjusted to fit any lash line. But the best part? They were extremely simple to apply — as in so foolproof we thought we were doing something wrong at first — but thanks to their lightweight feel and flexible, bendy base, we felt comfortable immediately to handle them for an application that was truly no-fuss.

On top of that, these lashes provided featherlight, comfortable wear, even on the inner corner of our eyes, for hours on end. These jet-black, long lashes may lean a little too dramatic and slightly unnatural in daytime lighting, but of course, that’s a matter of opinion. Regardless of when and where you want to wear them, these lashes are great for a first-timer who wants to add a little oomph to their look.

Material: Faux mink | Amount Per Pack: 1 set | Glue Included: No

Lashify Control Kit
PHOTO: Lashify

If you want a customizable lash set that can do it all, let us introduce you to the Lashify Control Kit. This top-rated box comes with everything you need to apply false lashes, including the Fuse Control Wand that allows for seamless application, one set of lashes (you can choose between Amplify, Bold, or Curl styles), the Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond in clear and black formulas, and a handy case that can house all of your tools.

This set gives a natural, defined look that does not budge an inch. That said, there is a steep learning curve because they don’t apply like a traditional falsie. Instead, they’re applied as ‘slices’, meaning you’re applying multiple pieces — one at a time — to create the look of the whole lash. But first, you have to clean your lashes, then apply a bond, apply the glue, and predetermine the position to get the effect you want. It took us a few times to get the hang of it, but we loved the way it amplified our eye makeup for a result that appeared 100 percent natural.

Material: Silk | Amount Per Pack: 12 lashes | Glue Included: Yes

Lilly Lashes Butterfl'eyes 3D Faux Mink Half Lashes
PHOTO: Ulta Beauty

Want to add natural-looking length to lashes? These semi-wispy, fluttery half-lashes will do all that and more. They’re easy to apply and add the ideal amount of volume. Plus, the lash extension is very lightweight — it didn’t feel like there was anything on top of our natural lashes. In terms of durability, we gave these lashes a perfect five-star rating due to their durability holding up throughout a full days’ wear. In fact, we felt like we could use and reuse them for a long time (the brand says that they can be worn up to 25 times).

Though the band is half the size of typical falsies (hence the term “half lash”), those with smaller eyes may still have to trim them to get a more natural effect. We still highly recommend this set because you’ll likely want to trim any false lashes you use so they fit perfectly around your eye shape.

Material: Faux mink | Amount Per Pack: 1 set | Glue Included: No

What to Keep in Mind

  • Lash Styles: “The first thing to pay attention to while buying fake eyelashes is the look you are trying to achieve,” says Katya Bychkova, beauty expert and founder of the Style Sprinter blog. “Are you all about natural-looking falsies, or are you going for a dramatic look?” Once you figure that out, you can decide between three lash styles: Strip lashes, individual flares, or corner/half lashes. These three styles all work to create different beauty looks and varying degrees of drama. 

    Usually, strip lashes are best for high-drama glam results since they often feature bold lashes with crisscross patterns for extended length. On the other hand, individual flare lashes are great for natural, everyday beauty looks. These lashes come individually (hence their name), so you can apply as many or as few as you’d like. Finally, corner or half lashes were made to lift the outer corners of the eyes.

  • Ability to Reuse: Most false eyelashes can be reused multiple times. In fact, some lashes are actually made to be re-worn, which is better for your wallet and for the world. To properly reuse falsies, be sure to clean them after each use — just wet a Q-tip or cotton round with face wash or false lash cleaner and gently wipe away any leftover glue. Once they’re clean, let them dry. If you’re consistent about washing them after every use, you’ll be able to get 15 to 20 wears out of each set.
  • Glue: Finding the right eyelash glue for your falsies is equally as important as finding good lashes. To find the best glue for you, be sure to check the ingredient list to ensure you’re not allergic to anything. (Some lash adhesives are made with latex, which can irritate eyes and eyelids.) Once you’ve checked out the ingredients, determine what color glue you want. Do you want it to be clear or black? This usually goes hand-in-hand with what kind of makeup look you’re going for (bold or natural). From there, be sure you’re applying a thin line of glue along the falsies’ lash line.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you apply false lashes?

According to Bychkova, the best way to apply fake eyelashes is by first measuring the length of the band compared to your lid. “Often, you might need to cut the lash to fit your eye size,” she explains. “Use small manicure scissors and always cut starting from the outer corner of the lash (i.e., from the side where the lashes are the longest).”  

Once you’ve done that, prep your skin for the falsies. “If you’re not wearing eyeshadow, put some loose setting powder on to ensure your lids are not too oily, as it might impact how a lash glue sticks to your skin,” says Bychkova. When your lids are ready for the lashes, use a dedicated lash applicator (like the Tweezerman Lash Assist False Lash Applicator) or tweezers to grab the falsies and apply a thin coat of lash glue to the false lash then wait 15 seconds before putting the lash on your eyelid to ensure the glue gets tacky. Finally, secure the false lash along your lash line, and you’re done! 

How do you remove false lashes?

“I remove false lashes by gently peeling them off, starting from the outside corner,” says celebrity makeup artist Andrew Velázquez. “If there happens to be glue residue, I apply an oil-based eye makeup remover to rub off the rest — but whatever you do, do not pull your false eyelashes! By doing so, you’re at risk of pulling out your real lashes.”

How do you clean false lashes?

There are a few ways to clean false lashes. “First, clean the glue out of the lashes by washing them with a foam face wash,” says Sima Mosbacher, a lash expert and founder of Urban Doll. “If you’re removing a stronger glue, I would suggest using an oil solution. You can also use a dish soap.” 

Aside from face wash and dish soap, Bychkova notes that there are also dedicated false lash cleansers, and recommends Velour Lash Clean to her clients because it’s suitable for both extensions and falsies.

How long do false lashes last?

The overall lifespan of your falsies depends on one simple thing: How well you care for them. “If you clean your false eyelashes properly after each wear and store them in a container that doesn’t bend them, you can expect a longer lifespan,” says Bychkova.

In terms of daily wear-time, if you apply the false lashes in the morning, you can expect them to stay secure for one full day, unless you have very oily lids, in which case the corners may start to peel a bit faster,” says Mosbacher.

“Although they are very commonly used, eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes can often create [eye] issues,” explains Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon. “It’s either the eyelashes themselves or the adhesives used that create issues for some patients.”

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Lauren Harano has been contributing to InStyle since August 2022, where she covers all things beauty. She is knowledgeable about everything from skincare to makeup and has tested hundreds of products during her career. For this article, Lauren interviewed four beauty experts: Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Velázquez; beauty expert and founder of the Style Sprinter blog Katya Bychkova; lash expert and founder of Urban Doll Sima Mosbacher; and board-certified oculoplastic surgeon and CEO and founder of Skinuva, Dr. Christopher Zoumalan.


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