July 19, 2024

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The 4 best clip-in hair extensions, according to stylists

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We’ve all experienced it: The brief pang of regret after cutting our hair; mourning for all of the hairstyles intended for long hair that we were “just about to try” and will miss out on until it grows back.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution out there for anyone who feels like their hair just doesn’t have the length or volume they crave (and that growing it out takes too long): extensions.

With so many options out there, it’s so hard to know which to choose. So TODAY spoke to a hairstylist to give us the low-down on what to look for in hair extensions. We also asked other celebrity hairstylists for their favorite clip-in hair extensions, including the brands they recommend to their own clients.

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What kind of hair extensions are best?

“As a colorist, I like clip-ins the best,” Stephanie Brown, colorist at IGK Hair in New York City, previously told TODAY Style. “It’s easier for me to color hair, and also because you can put them in and take them out whenever you want. They are a (commitment-free) way to add length and fullness or body to your hair.”

Brown’s most important tip is to pick a set with color and texture that is most similar to your own hair. “It isn’t easy dyeing extensions and it isn’t cheap…I charge the same amount as I do when I color someone’s hair,” she said.

Best clip-in hair extensions, according to stylists

Hair Shop Clip-In Hair Extensions

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Look natural
  • Don’t tangle

Something to note

  • Clips may wear out quickly

Lengths: 14 – 26 inches | Colors: 35 | Material: Remy human hair

Brown is a fan of The Hair Shop’s vast selection of colors, lengths, textures and styles. “They have everything, and I mean everything,” she raved. With almost three dozen colors to choose from, feel confident knowing you are choosing one that best matches your preferred look.

Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions

What we like

  • Super soft
  • Easy to style
  • Provides volume

Lengths: 12 – 24 inches | Colors: 21 | Material: Remy human hair

“Cashmere hair extensions are my No. 1 choice,” says Arthur Shamalov, senior stylist and co-owner of Eddie Arthur Salon. “Not only are they real human hair, but they also have a good variety of colors to choose from. The clips are very secure and they don’t feel tight on the scalp.”

Bellami Clip-In Extensions

What we like

  • Great quality hair
  • Colors match real hair nicely

Lengths: 20 – 22 inches | Colors: 44 | Material: Remy human hair

Extension expert and celebrity hair colorist Kacey Welch swears by Bellami clip-ins. “They…are perfect for a quick style change, event or to see if extensions are for you,” she says. “They have such a wide assortment of colors, they virtually match everyone — and they also have fun colors so you can experiment, too. They instantly add volume and length and are easy enough to do at home or to take to your stylist.”

Top-rated clip-in hair extensions

Reecho Full Head Clip-In Synthetic Hair Extensions

What we like

  • Look realistic
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to use

Lengths: 12 – 24 inches | Colors: 39 | Material: Synthetic

Reviewers are impressed with how natural these synthetic extensions look, including one former Shop TODAY staff member who tried them on and said they clipped in easily and matched her hair really well.

“I think people are usually a little nervous about curling synthetic hair, but I curled mine and they held up really well,” shares former project coordinator Sunah Bhasin.

Fliace Highlight Balayage Hairpieces

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Holds curls great
  • Very thick

Lengths: 16 – 20 inches | Colors: 12 | Material: Synthetic

It’s no wonder these Amazon bestselling hairpieces are a hit with 1,000+ verified five-star reviews. These clip-in balayage extensions come in 13 colors to best match your natural hair and can be washed with shampoo in water.

“These are amazing!!! I absolutely love them. I was a little skeptical at first but they did not disappoint. I will never pay to have hair extensions put in again!!” raved one verified shopper on Amazon.

Zala Human Hair Extensions

What we like

  • Good texture
  • Great length
  • Provides volume

Lengths: 12 – 30 inches | Colors: 16 | Material: Remy human hair

These extensions from Zala have the longest length available out of this bunch. It comes in several solid shades but also has a few dual-tones that would match highlights perfectly. Reviewers love how easy they are to install and their silky smooth feel.

Wennalife Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

What we like

  • Look natural
  • Clips are seamless

Lengths: 14 – 24 inches | Colors: 90 | Material: Remy human hair

These clip-in extensions have garnered over 5,000 five-star ratings from verified shoppers. “The quality, accuracy of color as pictured and lightweight feel is what sets these extensions apart from others,” raved one reviewer. “They are seamless and pretty thick — and not super expensive. If you’re on the fence, try it. I’ve wasted too much money at beauty stores and am not going back!”

Sunny Hair Clip-In Extensions

What we like

  • Hair looks expensive
  • Blend well with real hair

Lengths: 12 – 24 inches | Colors: 23 | Material: Human hair

Since each pack of these extensions comes with seven pieces, you won’t need to buy too many to achieve the look you want. One verified five-star reviewer who’d never used clip-ins before wrote, “The installation process turned out to be surprisingly straightforward, which, as someone who had never used extensions before, was a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t wait to put them on and unleash my inner Rapunzel.”

Luvme Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions

What we like

  • Soft and silky
  • Blends well with real hair
  • Great quality

Something to note

  • May not need all the pieces

Lengths: 16 – 24 inches | Colors: One | Material: Human hair

Reviewers love how easy these extensions are to install and how well they blend with their natural hair. Sets that are 16 to 18 inches come with nine pieces, and sets that are 20 to 24 inches come with seven pieces.

How we chose the best hair extensions

The Shop TODAY team rounded up the best hair extensions using a few methods: enlisting the recommendations hairstylists and an extensionist, filtering our searches for top-rated products and combing through lots of shopper reviews.

Meet the experts

  • Stephanie Brown is a New York City-based hair colorist at IGK Salons.
  • Gregg Giannillo is a celebrity hairstylist, owner of Giannillo Salon in New York City and founder of Boudoir Hair.
  • Kacey Welch is a celebrity extensionist based in Beverly Hills.
  • Arthur Shamalov is a senior stylist and co-owner of Eddie Arthur salon in New York.


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