July 25, 2024

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3 Easy Ways to Style Great Lengths Tape-In Hair Extensions | Hairstyle How-to

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I’ve basically always had short hair — seriously, I haven’t grown it past my shoulders since I was in high school. There are loads of things I love about having shorter hair, but versatility isn’t one of them. Every now and again, a little voice in my head reminds me of all the fun styles I could try if my hair ever magically grew another 12 inches or so. That voice got exactly what it wanted this year when I got hair extensions for the very first time.

For my virgin foray into the world of extensions, I wanted the very best of the best. Enter: Great Lengths. This brand makes two types of extensions (ones that are bonded to your hair and ones that are taped in), both of which are virtually undetectable, because they’re made from human hair. The brand has over 60 natural hair color options in addition to bronde (shades with slightly darker roots, like an ombré effect), rooted (blonde shades with deep roots), and fashion (vivid colors like pink and purple). As extensions go, they’re pretty much a hairstylist’s dream — take it from Luis Miller, the NYC stylist who installed my GL extensions.

“All Great Lengths hair is 100 percent Remy human hair, ethically sourced from the temples in India,” he explains. “High quality all the way from start to finish.” For those not in the know, Remy hair is human hair that goes through a gentle process that preserves the natural cuticle layer. That’s why Remy hair is considered the best type for extensions — it looks super healthy and shiny. And what Miller means by “ethically sourced” is that it’s all donated by willing participants (Great Lengths is one of the only brands out there that can actually guarantee this about its product).

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Great Lengths hair extensions

I opted for Great Lengths’ Tape-In Extensions, which are basically small strips of hair attached to a super-thin piece of tape coated with a medical-grade adhesive. They’re designed to be worn for three to five weeks, which is perfect if you don’t want a long-term look. You can have GL Tape-Ins easily removed using an alcohol-based solution, as opposed to the brand’s bonded extensions, which last up to six months and cannot be reinstalled afterward.

Great Lengths GL Tapes tape-in extension process

The application process took roughly four hours, and that’s because my stylist used two intricate installation techniques, sandwiches and singles. “[The sandwich method] allows you to attach a tape strand to a thin slice of hair and secure another tape underneath or on top,” Miller explains. Singles, on the other hand, are just what they sound like: a single tape applied underneath a small section of real hair. “These methods allow for a quicker application, easy color customization, and density matching,” says Miller.


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